AI Powered Recruitment Software

I decided to jump on the AI bandwagon because I believe AI is our future. OpenAI has demonstrated the amazing potential of AI, and their API allows us to harness this power. Previously, was a software designed to help companies conduct interviews at scale. Now, we’ve pivoted to using AI for screening candidates.

The problem I aim to solve is the time-consuming and challenging process of screening candidates. Research shows that every job opening can receive around 250 applications. It is a painful task to sift through resumes to find the most suitable candidates who meet specific criteria.

Monohire aims to address this issue with AI. Our platform will allow candidates to upload their resumes, which the AI will then score and summarize. Recruiters can filter candidates based on these scores and read short summaries to quickly identify the best matches. This approach will save recruiters time and provide better insights into each candidate. Additionally, I’ve included a collaboration feature, enabling team members to comment on and rate candidates.

Currently, Monohire is in the development phase and is set to launch in mid-June 2024.

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