I’m Blogging Again

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2015, and this time, I’m back with a new focus. Instead of just chasing money, I’m here to have fun, share my thoughts, and hopefully help others with my experiences and knowledge. Since this is a for-fun project, I’ll update the blog whenever I can, without stressing over SEO or posting schedules. Most posts will be in a short format.

I’ll write articles covering my journey in running my business, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and occasionally some random topics.

Currently, I run Monohire.com, an AI-powered recruitment software company, which I’ve bootstrapped without any investors. To fund this project and pay my bills, I also operate JagoanSystem.com, a software development company specializing in custom software solutions. I split my time between Monohire and Jagoan System, and I also spend the majority of my time with my son.

I promise to update this blog whenever I have some spare time. Stay tuned!

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