Documenting my journeys growing Dumogi to $100,000 a year

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Why $100,000? why not aiming to become unicorn with hundreds of million dollars revenue and billion dollar valuation? Yeah, that what I think 3 years ago, I fall to startup world and I want to have a billion dollar company.  Seeing Airbnb, Salesforce, and another unicorn was burning my entrepreneur spirit. I started many projects, a marketplace, and e-commerce business with targeting to reach a billion dollar valuation. And how the result? all my project was SHUT DOWN, pathetic right?

Did I regret it? no, absolutely not. I learned a lot, I gained a lot of experience which I never have before. I learn programming skill, sales technique, marketing strategy, and management skill. One biggest mistake which I have is I pick industry which I don’t passionate about. I want to have a software business, but 3 years ago I don’t have programming skill (I built e-commerce and marketplace business using WordPress). Now, I have the skill which I needed to start a software business. Did I still aim for a billion dollar valuation? no, I don’t care about my company valuation any more. What I really want is freedom, I want to work anywhere I want, doing what I want, and as long as I can have enough cash flow for my family, I’m happy, and $100,000 per year is enough for me.

Don’t worry about failure, you only have to right once 

Drew Houston, Co-founder & CEO Dropbox

My current stats

Now, I was working for my software which I really passionate about. It’s a tool to track what your team member accomplish every day, I think it’s great for performance tracking and review, and great for motivating your team to stay productive, I called it Dumogi.  In my origin language, dumogi mean hopefully and dumogi word usually speaks by older people to bless other people, that why I using old people for the logo.

Dumogi stats :

Revenue: $0

Subscriber: 10 People

Started Date: December 2018

Launch Date: 10 March 2019

What you will get from my journeys

I will write about my marketing strategy, all of my mistakes, what I learning from my journey, and my projects update. I try to become as transparent as possible. And please forgive my grammar mistakes, I really need to improve my English, fortunately, Google translates and Grammarly help me so much.

Hopefully, you’ll join on my journey. It’s totally free, and I will send right to your inbox every new post.

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