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We live in a Big Data era, and sadly most of them were unused. Nowadays, some companies began to aware about the importance of data, but there are much a lot of companies who not care or know about the importance of Data.

They pick a decision based on instinct, estimate or from someone (consultant) who even don’t know about their shit. Can they survive? can be Yes, or No. Did it apply only to companies? Of course not, everything you do, will produce Data, which can be valuable for you or for someone.

Why they ignore it?

Recently, I discussed the importance of data with some local companies, only 1 of them which agree with the importance of Data. After a long explanation from me, most of them just making a bunch of excuses. Why they do that? Because they were LAZY.

Money wasn’t a problem for them, they can hire a proficient data guy, they just a lazy bastard who not want to improve their company. They wait till everything was late, and destroyed by their competitor.

Where do we start?

I suggest to tracking everything you think will important for you and your company, such as Sales, Customer Behaviour, Employee Performance, Marketing, and many more. You can hire the right guy to manage it for you, use a proper tool to track it, and if you can’t ay to hire someone, do it by yourself.

Read the data frequently, try to understand it. Don’t be lazy, only you who care about your companies, not someone else.


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