They Want Freedom But They Raised Money From Investor

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Every day, I saw on TechCrunch, Startup X raise $Y money from Investor Z. I read the articles, the founder said: “I quit my Job and build a startup to get my freedom, freedom to manage my time and my company”. I think that was ironic.

If they take the money from an Investor, your freedom will be lost. You must take responsibility for them because they put $X amount of money to your company. Suddenly, you have a boss again, you can’t manage your company freely.

Did I anti an Investor?

Absolutely No, If you run a company which needs a huge capital to start, raising money from an investor is an understandable reason for me. But, in our society, a lot of inexperienced founders who creates a company which doesn’t need big capital and spends months raising money.

Why they do that? Because they were lazy. They want to spend a big chunk of money on advertising, rather than build an audience slowly through blogging. They want to hire faster, even though they weren’t experienced enough to manage a team. They want to work in a fancy office rather working on the garage.

Build a business is a long process, it takes time to learn. Raising money is not bad, but raising money without a solid foundation will make you fail.

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Yes, very much agree on this, even though I’m still in constant dilemma on whether I should take the money or keep my freedom.