3 Reason to Not Build a Business With Your Spouse

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6 years ago, I build a business with my girlfriend (soon I will marry her, after 7,5 years together). It was a fun experience because it is my first business.  we opened a portable Ice Cream shop, using my dad car to sell the ice cream on a local beach or festival in my city.

But, after 2 years of running a business together, we shut it down. I can’t describe the reason here, but the main mistake is because we weren’t wise enough. I regret it a lot, but I learn a lot from my first venture. Today, we run separate business, I running FounderHacker and she running a flower business. Here is the reason why don’t build a business with your spouse.

It can ruin your relationship

When I running a business together, sometimes we argue about something in our business, that is normal, but if you can’t manage your anger properly, it will ruin your relationship. Running a business is not easy and your ego can kill your relationship.

Of course, we argue too while back then, but we learn to hold our ego, that why we been together for 7,5 years. But, sadly I often see other people divorced with his spouse because of their ego.

You don’t have a lot of stories to share

A strong relationship comes from sharing your day with your spouse, hear each other problem, and that will make your relationship stronger. Running a business together means you will have the same problem, and how you share the problem with your spouse?

When we have a separate business, I will talk about my world to her and she will talk about her flower business, something which I don’t familiar but I can give her my thought. We try to collaborate, I help her to create a website for her business, help her on digital marketing and she bring delicious food when I was working.

It can destroy your entire company

This is not my experience, but I see a lot of company which running by a spouse must close due to their divorces. As a spouse who running a business together, often we don’t have a kind of agreement about the company, right? when they decided to divorce, they don’t have a clear picture of who owned the company. Some companies decide to split the share, but working with your ex is hard.

Starting a business is far from easy, and starting one with the one you love can prove even tougher but we can pass it. I don’t care about how big your company if you don’t have someone to love, you are nothing.



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